Our Approach

In a broad sense, our mission at Gorgeous Nothings is to make a positive change in the environmental impact of the beauty industry. Recognizing the ambitious nature of this goal, we are committed to concrete actions outlined in two strategic streams, with a third in development.


Environmental Campaigns (Currently in Action)


We raise awareness through impactful campaigns that address specific industry-related issues. Leveraging the creativity of photographers, voices of youth activists, and insights from academics and scientists, each campaign is tailored to address issues with expertise, nuance, and originality.


Growth Channels:

  • Our editorialized ‘Issues’ on the website
  • Email and LinkedIn marketing
  • PR and earned-media exposure
  • Influencer marketing
  • Presence at industry events
  • Word of mouth communication
  • ‘Truth Talks’ series on social media


Working with ‘The Source’ (Currently in Action)


Recognizing that change in the industry is driven by influential figures at the top, including CEOs, CMOs, founders, and board members, we engage with ‘The Source.’ Our focus is on those who make critical decisions and influence the direction of major brands.



  • Collaborative efforts with startups and in-house at beauty companies
  • Transparency in sharing outcomes, be they positive, negative, or in-between


Policy Work (Future Strategic Action)


While not currently monetized, we aim to be realistic and selective in our focus areas. In the future, we aspire to play a role in policy work to regulate the industry on environmental issues, advocating for tangible changes such as:

  • Legislating higher taxes for major emitters
  • Collaborating with regulators to identify and cease greenwashing
  • Implementing restrictions on harmful packaging choices
  • Demanding greater visibility and transparency in supply chains
  • Establishing standardized methods of recourse to prevent harmful practices from recurring.


At Gorgeous Nothings, our commitment is to be transparent about our efforts and outcomes, sharing the journey with our community and the broader industry. We believe in effecting change through strategic, targeted, and collaborative actions.


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