Open letter

Dear Cosmetics Industry Leaders and Marketing Teams,


We write to address the pressing issue of greenwashing within our industry, the deceptive practice of making false environmental claims in marketing. As industry leaders, we implore you to discontinue this harmful practice and take a proactive stance against it.


Consumers deserve transparency regarding the environmental impact of products. Greenwashing hinders this right and does a disservice to genuinely sustainable companies.


To lead the way in authentic sustainability, we recommend:

→ Genuine Transparency: Commit to honesty in marketing practices.
→ Accurate Labeling: Clearly mark products with legitimate certifications.
→ Comprehensive Information: Provide verified details about the environmental impact across all platforms.


Invest in sustainable practices throughout your supply chain, sourcing responsibly, reducing plastic use, ensuring fair wages, and adopting eco-friendly manufacturing. Allocate budget to in-house changes rather than excessive marketing.


We appreciate your consideration and anticipate your commitment to a more sustainable industry.


With hope,

Gorgeous Nothings

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